Sunday, October 23, 2011

Hyland's Baby Teething Tablets Review

I know that I missed my posts this last week, but it was a rough one. My son started cutting more teeth, so he was waking up in the middle of the night not wanting to go back to sleep. He would be awake for 2 hours, and then somehow just go back to sleep. My aunt had told me about the Hyland's Teething Tablets and said that she used them on her 4 daughters when they were little (the youngest is now 11). I found these at my local Walmart store. There are 135 tablets in the bottle that I got. It's a pretty small bottle, so I thought the tablets must be very small.

When I got home from the store, I made sure to read the box carefully (more than I had read at the store). I opened the box, took out the bottle and information sheet, and opened the bottle. If anybody remembers Life Savers Holes candy, or if anyone has seen the mini version of Altoids mints, that is what the tablets remind me of. When my son started chewing on his binky (which is a way of him showing his teeth are bothering him), I got out the bottle and gave him 2 of the tablets.

According to the directions, you can either just put them in the child's mouth and they will dissolve, or you can dissolve the tablets in a spoonful of water and give it to the child that way. I have done it both ways. First I dissolved it in a spoonful of water because I am always afraid of giving my son something that small with the fear that he will choke on it. The tablets dissolved right away. My son thought that he was getting some food, so he readily opened his mouth to ingest the tablets. He didn't make a face like they tasted bad, so i'm assuming they taste ok. During one of the nights that he woke up, I didn't have the heart to lay him in the crib safely while I went dissolving tablets in water, so I just gave them to him one at a time. The tablet dissolved within seconds of putting it in his mouth.

All in all, these tablets have worked wonders. As of two nights ago, he is sleeping through the night again (with the exception of some loud thunder last night, which woke him up). So mama is happy to get some of her sleep back, at least until the next tooth starts making its way through the gums.

Disclaimer: I received no compensation for my review of this product.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Fisher Price Go Baby Go! Silly Sounds Frog Review

The Fisher Price Go Baby Go! Silly Sounds Frog is another toy we bought for my son a couple months ago now. Again, I gave it to him at the store to keep him entertained while I looked around and I ended up getting it for him. I think I enjoy this toy as much as my son loves it. It is very brightly colored and makes noise.

If you pull out or push in the top handle, it makes noise like one of those slide whistles. The bottom handle slides up and down and makes noise. The handle on the bottom left pulls out and makes the button on the frog's "stomach" spin around. The knob on the top right spins around and makes a noise. Also, you can push the frog's "stomach" button and it plays sounds and one song (if anybody knows the song "Froggy Went A Courting", that's the song it resembles). There is an on/off switch on the back, so if you want to pack it or move it while the little one is sleeping, it won't make noise. This product retails for $11 and is for ages 6-36 months. The button on the "stomach" is sensitive. What I mean is one time the toy was sitting upside-down on the floor and my son turned over the little fabric box we keep his toys in on top of the frog and it kept playing and playing until I moved the box off from on top of it. Just thought I would throw that bit of information in.

Disclosure: I received no compensation for the review of this product.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

New Blog Direction, and Elmo Knows Your Name Cellphone Review (my first product review)

Ok. I admit it. I started this blog a few months ago to document my son's life other than in a scrapbook, but I only have one post on here about him, and that was about my pregnancy and his birth, not even about his life. I don't really have time anymore since he's 9 months old (well, he will be on Sunday). It's tough keeping tabs on him when he's awake and when he's not eating. He started crawling about a month ago, and started pulling up to standing about 2 weeks ago. So I have decided to take my blog in a new direction. I am going to start reviewing products. By products I mean food, toys, etc that I get for my son, and I might throw in something for myself every once in a while because I deserve it. I'm pretty sure someone out there would find this helpful, because I know I sure search the Internet for advice and reviews a good amount (especially late at night when I can't ask my mom for advice because she's already asleep). So, here's my first review.

Fisher-Price Knows Your Name Elmo Cell Phone

I bought this toy a few months ago for my son because I showed it to him in the store to keep him entertained and, even at that age, he didn't want to part with it. I knew that the packaging said that it was 18 months and up, but it made noise and was brightly colored so I knew it would keep my son's attention for at least a little while. I like this product because when you get it home, you can connect it to the computer and put your child's name on the phone, and Elmo says their name in conversation. One detail on the box that I missed before leaving the store was that the mini USB cable is not included. Luckily, I own a digital camera, so I had a mini-USB cable laying around. The setup of the phone was very easy. My son doesn't understand what Elmo is saying because he's just 9 months, but it holds his attention. The buttons are very easy for my son to push. I like that there are many different sayings on the phone, so it will take a few minutes before you hear the same thing twice. Also, there are 5 different "ringtones", and there are also sayings from different Sesame Street characters, such as Ernie and Oscar the Grouch. Well, I hope that this review was helpful, and I hope that I can keep up with my reviews and that they are helpful as well.

Disclosure: I did not receive any compensation for this post.